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The new varieties of chrysanthemum won the first prize in the 6th China Chrysanthemum Exhibition

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On November 5, the 6th China Chrysanthemum Exhibition was held in Wuhan Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. More than 1100 varieties of chrysanthemum from 13 cities or provinces were presented in the exhibition. The Chrysanthemum Research Group in our college was the only unit which can breed cut chrysanthemum and showed 35 varieties of cut-flower chrysanthemum with different colors and patterns, such as honeycomb, windmill and mini. After professional judgment, 2 varieties, Green Peony of NAU and Aurora of NAU, won the first prize. Cloud of NAU got second prize, Green Rose of NAU and Little Venus of NAU received second prize in cultivating. The new varieties of chrysanthemum were recognized and appreciated by other experts and the public, representing the level of chrysanthemum breeding in our school.

So far, the Chrysanthemum Research Group has already bred more than 300 new varieties of chrysanthemum, including cut chrysanthemum, potted chrysanthemum, ground cover small inflorescence chrysanthemum, tea chrysanthemum and medicinal chrysanthemum. 34 varieties have applied for China plant variety rights, 20 varieties have been certified by Jiangsu Variety Certification Committee. The new varieties have honored with gold medals in International Gardening Expo, China Flowers Expo and China Chrysanthemum Exhibition.


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