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College of Horticulture held first Entrepreneurship Class Opening Ceremony

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On the afternoon of December 18, 2015, Horticulture College first Entrepreneurship Class Opening Ceremony was held at "Jingyi Hall". Guests who attended the ceremony were: Deputy Party Secretary of College of Horticulture Jian Han, associate professor of vegetable science Chuntao Qian, general manager of Nanjing Qingteng Agriculture Limited company Chu Wang and all students in the entrepreneurship class. Counselor Xiaoyi Sun hosted it.

First, Xiaoyi Sun made a brief introduction on the entrepreneurship class and its curriculum. Chuntao Qian was hired as the headteacher in school and Chu Wang was hired as the extramural headteacher. Jian Han awarded them the certificate.

Chuntao Qian said, when start a business, college student should apply major knowledge to entrepreneurship and focus on scientific start-up. The entrepreneurship class was conducted to build a information sharing platform, which could help combine the production requirement of company with students’ enthusiasm. Mr. Qian also emphasized a six-one index in the start-up practice, including a relatively complete project declaration, a real market analysis report, and a preliminary build team, finally made the academic theory come true. As the headteacher of the entrepreneurship class, he would offer full support to the class and provide enterprise resources platform such as Changshu New Rural Development Research Institute of Nanjing Agricultural University.

Chu Wang reviewed 3 reasons of his start-up. He pointed out that students should start their business with a clear goal and insist on the goal. Innovation is the first step of entrepreneurship, so students need to build a solid foundation of their major, then having their own business with high-level of technology. After that, Zheng Chen from Protected Horticulture Engineering Technology, Class 131 spoke at the ceremony, who has already had his own team preliminarily and aimed at intelligent saving-water drop-irrigating.

Finally, Jian Han made a conclusion. He said students ought to understand the correct theory of entrepreneurship to avoid the misunderstanding of one-side cognition, short-term successes and quick profits and order reversed. The entrepreneurship education should be organized scientifically with theoretical training, entrepreneurship training and practical training. Students must enhance their own comprehensive ability and learn start-up knowledge, while take advantage of their personal skills, learning more, communicating more, practicing more. Han hoped that students could fulfill the college motto Brave in Creation, and believed the entrepreneurship class would be a great success.

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