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Ziyun Yuan from our college won the Top 10 Plan Star in Jiangsu Career Planning Competition

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On November 18, 2015, the final contest of Jiangsu Career Planning Competition was held in Suzhou University. Ziyun Yuan from class Gardening 141 got 458 points and won the Top 10 Plan Star in the competition. Guests who attended the competition were: Deputy Party Secretary of Education Committee of Jiangsu Education Department Man Pan, Director of Jiangsu College Entrance and Employment Guidance Service Center Xuejun Lu and general Party branch secretary Jianping Hu. They presented awards to winning institutions and individuals.

As early as the first half year of 2015, Yuan won first prize in the competition at our school with the help of associate professor of Landscape Architecture Qinghai Zhang, counselor Xiaoyi Sun and Wentao Shi, although she was just a freshman. Then she was recommended by our school to take part in the semi-final and she got excellent grades in the match. In the final game, she competed with other 26 rivals from 22 different universities, such as Nanjing University, Nanjing University of Science & Technology and Nanjing Normal University. She showed her diligence, innovation and patriotism to serve Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers by career planning statements, questions of judges and working scene simulation. Her entry Dream Garden was about her own upbringing and some comprehensive factors including major, family and the industry, which presented her understanding of career planning, talent, persistence and intention. Her career goal was to first become a design director, then have her own business. Aesthetic designed Power Point, brilliant answer and humanistic working scene simulation deeply impressed judges and audiences.

The excellent performance of Ziyun Yuan reflects students in Horticulture College are smart and promising in career planning. In the future, the college will hold more competition, interview, lecture and salon to help students have better self perception, workplace understanding, and enhance their ability to gain and grow.


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