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The First Chrysanthemum Campus Exhibition “Fragrant Chrysanthemum Blooming in Autumn with the Aroma of Painting and Calligraphy ” Opened Smoothly at Nanjing Agricultural University

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On the morning of November 4th, the First Chrysanthemum Campus Exhibition “Fragrant Chrysanthemum Blooming in Autumn with the Aroma of Painting and Calligraphy ” opened smoothly at the library of Nanjing Agricultural University.Vice-President of our school Chen fa di, Director of the Library Ni Feng, President of the College of Horticulture Wu Juyou, the Secretary of the Library Party, Zha Guiting, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of College of Horticulture, attended the opening ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, Wu Juyou introduced the achievements of chrysanthemum research in Nanjing Agricultural University and the main activities of the chrysanthemum campus exhibition,and said the campus chrysanthemum exhibition combined the professional characteristics of Nanjing Agricultural University with the reading culture, which would show the campus culture of "advocating science and reading" and make contribution to promoting the reading of the whole people and building the campus. “Fragrant Chrysanthemum Blooming in Autumn” has shown its elegant demeanour in Hushu, and “appreciation of chrysanthemum and reading” must bloom in Nanjing Agricultural University.

Chen Fadi made an important speech at the opening ceremony.He said that the chrysanthemum is one of four most famous cut flowers and the top ten traditional flowers, which is also recognized as campus flower of our school for many years, and the campus chrysanthemum exhibition has changed the history of " cannot see the school flower in the campus ".Chrysanthemum is rich in not only flower type but also flower color change, which is an nature creation miracle and it still has a variety of edible and medicinal function. What’s more precious, it has very deep cultural deposits, which is called “four gentleman in the flower” with plum blossom, orchid and bamboo, and wins the favor of literati through the ages and broad masses of the people because of its quality of clean and elegant, the spirit of blooming in frost.The history of chrysanthemum scientific research in our school can be traced back to 1944, which has been 70 years. In recent years, our school’s chrysanthemum scientific research and cultivation of talents has gotten innumerable great achievements , whose influence is famous all over the world, and our school has become the unit who has most chrysanthemum germplasm resources.He hoped the general teachers and students can not only appreciate the diversity of chrysanthemum varieties, Nanjing Agricultural University’s exquisite chrysanthemum cultivation techniques, but also more deeply understand the chrysanthemum culture, communication culture, carry forward the spirit of chrysanthemum, and be an elegant reader with chrysanthemum spirit through the chrysanthemum show activities.

Later, Chen Fadi, Ni Feng et al unveiled for the Nong Xiaotu flower art modeling together, which announced that the 20-day " Fragrant Chrysanthemum Blooming in Autumn with the Aroma of Painting and Calligraphy " campus chrysanthemum exhibition officially kicked off.After the opening ceremony, leaders, teachers and students visited the chrysanthemum culture of graphic, interactive exhibition leisure experience, chrysanthemum theme books recommend lands, chrysanthemum tea art, photography, flower arranging flower art, calligraphy, painting and so on works exhibit, and all kinds of flower chrysanthemum, potted bureau, modelling chrysanthemum, rich and colorful multi-cultural display and beautiful and blooming beauty of the chrysanthemum, which repeatedly cause the visitor's praise.

Chrysanthemum Campus Exhibition “Fragrant Chrysanthemum Blooming in Autumn with the Aroma of Painting and Calligraphy ” opened smoothly at Nanjing Agricultural University was jointly organized by the library and horticultural college, and will be held from November 4th to November 20th.

This is not only a showcase of achievements of chrysanthemum scientific research, personnel training in our school, but also a perfect set of chrysanthemum culture and the reading culture, which promotes Nanjing Agricultural University’s features of scientific and technological achievements to the outside world, and shows our school’s culture advocating science and reading, and advocating "Honest、Plain、Diligence、Benevolence" campus culture.

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