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Chrysanthemum Branch of Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture Held the Twenty-sixth Annual Meeting at Our School

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On October 28-31, 2017, Chrysanthemum Branch of Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture held the twenty-sixth annual meeting at our school. This conference was sponsored by the Chrysanthemum Branch of Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture, and co-hosted by College of Horticulture Nanjing Agricultural University, Jiangsu Technical System of Modern Agriculture Industry, Key Laboratory of Landscape Design of Ministry of Agriculture, Genetic Society of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Horticultural Society.

The opening ceremony of the conference was presided over by the honorary President of the Chrysanthemum Branch of Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture Zhang Shulin, and Professor Chen Fadi, vice-Chancellor of our school, delivered the welcome speech on behalf of the school. Wang Xiang, who is both vice-President of Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture and President of Jiangsu Society of Landscape Architecture presented at the conference to congratulate. President of the Chrysanthemum Branch of Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture presided over the meeting of all the governors. The general assembly had more than 200 delegates from 85 units. The general assembly organized the special invitation report and the report of the general assembly 18. Among them, the vice-President of the Palace Museum made a report < Gentleman's Love on Chrysanthemum——the Cultural Relics of Chrysanthemum in the Palace Museum>. Professor Gao Junping and Professor Hum Bo of China Agricultural University respectively introduced the mechanism of the flower process of chrysanthemum and the technique of chrysanthemum embossing. Professor De Silan of Beijing Forestry University shared the mechanism of the blooming of chrysanthemum in the light cycle with us. The molecular mechanism of nitrogen absorption and assimilation of chrysanthemum nitrate was introduced by Professor Cheng Chengshu of Shandong Agricultural University. The application of functional chrysanthemum in targeted poverty alleviation was introduced by Researcher Huang Conglin of Beijing Agriculture and Forestry Science Academy. Professor Fang Weimin and Professor Chen Sumei respectively introduced the new varieties of chrysanthemum and its application in sightseeing agriculture and the research on the innovation of chrysanthemum anti-aphid germplasm resources. The general assembly reported not only high quality but also rich contents, and all experts discussed and exchanged warmly at the meeting.


After the meeting, delegates visited two chrysanthemum bases of our university in Hushu and Huaian Lake Baima, and gave full affirmation to our school's chrysanthemum germplasm collection and preservation, breeding new varieties application achievements.

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