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Athletes of our college got high achievements in the 44th sports meet of Nanjing Agricultural University

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The forty-fourth Track and Field Sports Meet of Nanjing agricultural university came to a successful ending on November 5, athletes of horticulture college had excellent performances in this sports meet, they got the 8th prize in staff group, third prize of men's team, sixth prize of women's team, second prize of men and women's groups in student group and the total score of fourth. Our College won the honor of advanced unit of physical education in Nanjing Agricultural University again.

In the morning of November 4, the opening ceremony of the 44th sports meet (track-and-field event) of Nanjing agricultural university was held grandly in track and field, the " weaving youth dream, keen on sports in horticulture" slogan and the performance of our college that prepared elaborately gave everyone a deep impression .

In the competition of November 4, Yuan Xiao and Ma Hong-jiao won the gold medals in the men's 100 meter race and the women's 400 meter race respectively; Wei Lian won the silver medal in the women's 1500 meter race. Regretfully, our college got bronze medal in the men's 4 x100 meter relay, in addition, Luo Chao-xu ,Jiang Yue-ting and Li Jun-da got bronze medals in the men's 3000 meter, men's long jump and high jump competition respectively. Liu Rui-yu, OuYang Peng-fei and Xu Sheng also got good grades.

On November 5, the second day of the sports meet, our college's athletes struggled in men's 4 x 400 meters relay race, came second for less than 1 second behind another group, girls also played well in women's 4 x 400 meters relay and got the silver medal.

In this sports meet, all the athletes of horticulture college wrote their own fighting spirit with responsibility, solidarity, faith and effort, and won honor for our college.

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