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The Science and Academic Report of Chinese Plant Biology Female Scientists Was Held at Nanjing Agricultural University Successfully

发布人: 发布日期: 2017-11-30 浏览次数:

On November 7th, hosted by the Plant Biology Female Scientists Branch of Chinese Society for Plant Biology, undertaken by Horticulture College,Youth League Committee and Party Union, Science and Technology Association of Nanjing Agricultural University, co-hosted by Jiangsu Society for Plant Biology, National Key Laboratory of Crop Genetics and Germplasm Innovation, Jiangsu Genetics Society,”2017 National Science and Academic Report of Chinese Plant Biology Female Scientists” was hold at Nanjing Agricultural University. The honorary President(Academician Kuang Tingyun) and the head(Professor Xia Guangmin came from Shandong University) of the Plant Biology Female Scientists Branch of Chinese Society for Plant Biology, vice President of Nanjing Agricultural University Professor Chen Fadi and about 1100 teachers and students attended the report ,and opening ceremony was chaired by Nanjing agricultural university scientific research institute major project director Professor Tao Shutian.

On behalf of the school, vice President Chen sent warm welcome to the female scientists at the opening ceremony.He introduced the long cultural heritage, the strong academic atmosphere, the strong running strength and the good social reputation from school history, subject construction, scientific research and international cooperation,and reported the school's latest achievements and progress.He presented plant biology is closely related to people's production and life, shouldering the responsibility of safeguarding national food security, building beautiful China and promoting the construction of ecological civilization.National Science and Academic Report of Chinese Plant Biology Female Scientists being held in Nanjing, represented the trust andgreat kindnessof female scientists for Nanjing Agricultural University, and provided a rare opportunity to all teachers and students to learn. He hoped to take this opportunity to communicate with peers deeply, strengthen cooperation, join hands to jointly to promote the development of our plant biology, make unremitting efforts in order to promote the development of the field of plant biology in our school, the cultivation of innovative talents in plant biology and the construction of beautiful China.

The meeting is divided into two parts: science lecture and academic report, chaired by Professor Wang Xiue and Professor Wu Jun.

In the morning, the Academician Kuang Tingyun made <the Journey of Science -- the Persistent Pursuit of Mr. Tang peisong's Life>. She described Mr. Tang's dedication to science and dedication to his country, when the audience became more aware of Mr. Tang's life and moved by the dedication of Mr. Tang.Professor Xia Guangmin from Shandong University , opened the report <Wheat and Human Civilization> with the story of the construction of Zhengguo canal ,and described the evolution of wheat, the contribution of wheat to the world, and the wisdom of wheat improvement etc.Then,Professor Ren Haiyun from Beijing Normal University, presented the report<The beauty of life under a microscope> ,introducing the variety of microscope and showing the beauty of microscope.Finally, Professor Gu Gong from Peking University presented the report< Jas As Darwin and Beagle Science>, telling the story of Charles Darwin’s five-year hard life on the The Beagle

and emphasizing that opportunity was equal to everyone , while chance favoured the men who have prepared.

In the afternoon, Tang Weihua, a researcher from the Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai, delivered an academic report <on the Molecular Strategies of Pathogenic Fungi of the Pathogenic Fungi>, and described the key pathway of pathogen infestation by using bioinformatics and molecular biology methods.Shi Pingtian, a professor from Institute of Botany, presented a report < the Internal Link Mechanism of Fruit is Delicious and Good> ,telling how the ethylene regulation key transcription factors RIN regulated the of fruit "delicious" and "good" .Professor Zhao Jie from Wuhan University made a report <Chloroplast and Embryonic Development> and told new knowledge about the development of plant embryos.Professor Liao Gong from Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University presented the report < the Nutrient Efficient Crop Breeding and Sustainable Agricultural Development>,and starting from the national strategic height,introduced the importance of sustainable agriculture and “Bean IntercroppingTea" efficient nutrient application example.Research Liu Hongtao from Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences of Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Plant Physiology Ecology Institute presented the <Blue Light Signal Transmission Mechanism>, telling the story of light and temperature signal interaction regulation mechanism of plant flowering.Finally, Professor Chen Su-mei from College of Horticulture presented the report <Chrysanthemum Germplasm Innovation and New Variety Breeding>,briefly reviewed of the history of chrysanthemum study in our school, introduced the chrysanthemum germplasm innovation, the breakthrough new varieties breedin of ,our school in the system, as well as the selection of independent new varieties in the service of ecological construction, rural tourism and precise poverty alleviation in countries such as the significant contribution requirements.She received a warm response from audience.

The successful hosting of the event, provided a high academic and popular science feast in the field of plant biology for the masses of teachers and students in our school , and let everybody have the chance to appreciate the female elegant demeanour of female scientists in no distance!

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