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The College of Horticulture Went to Sun City Winery in Shandong Province for the "Social Practice Base of Nanjing Agricultural University" Signing Ceremony

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On July 16, 2018, the social practice team from the College of Horticulture of Nanjing Agricultural University went to the wine village in Sun City, Shandong Province to start the practice activity of wine research. Han Jian, deputy secretary of the party committee of the College of Horticulture, counselor Lu Yue and Zhao Rui went together. This activity aims to help students understand the situation of China's wine industry and its economic effects on surrounding towns, improve the comprehensive ability of the college students, and help enterprises to increase publicity.

In the morning , the team arrived at Sun City winery and began their visit. In order to inherit the ancient wine culture and carry forward the Chinese wine culture, the first international wine chateau themed on Chinese culture was born here. In the wine fort, the practice team learned the development process of Chinese wine systematically, that is, from the earliest wine making period -- the Neolithic age, experienced the low tide period of the Song dynasty and entered the peak period of the wine industry of the Yuan dynasty. With the growth of world wine economy, China's wine industry has been developing rapidly. The practice team learned the advantages of Sun City farm from the environment and technology. The conditions in the environment include soil, climate, water quality, air, etc.Then, the practice team entered the visiting room and learned about the brewing process of white wine, red wine, brandy and other wines.




It came to the most anticipated time of wine tasting, the practice team members and teachers tasted different types of wine, including dry red, pink, little pink and brandy. Each wine has its own aroma and taste, giving people different visual, smell and taste experience. At the same time, the manager of winery also explained the suitable wine glasses, the holding method of the wine glasses and the selection of wine varieties for the practice team in details , which greatly enriched the knowledge of the team members. Han Jian said to the practice team: "Do everything with heart and perfection. If we don't have enough knowledge, it's because we don't learn enough." The practice team was given a rich and meaningful lesson here.

In the afternoon, the signing ceremony of Nanjing Agricultural University social practice base was held in the wine estate. Chairman Wang Chenghai of Yaowang Group Company said that we should vigorously promote Chinese culture and make wines with Chinese cultural connotation. He borrowed a line from Mao Zedong, "The world is yours and ours, but it is yours after all", and encouraged a new generation of young people to persevere in their efforts to become outstanding successors to the motherland. Then, Han Jian affirmed the strength of the winery and hoped that the students would cherish the opportunity and learn modestly, this practice would help the group to better publicize and make efforts for the cooperation between the two sides. He expressed his gratitude to the person in charge of the Sun City wine park.


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