Department of Landscape Architecture

Date: 2014-09-01

Since the establishment of our Master Degree Conferring Station of gardening & ornamental plant (including Landscape Architecture) in 1980s, we had enrolled postgraduate student majoring in LA and landscaping & ornamental plants for more than a decade. In 2006, with the approval of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, the Master Degree Conferring Station of urban planning and designing (including LA) was formally established. A more comprehensive teaching & training system for postgraduate LA students was formed, and the specialty of LA was emphasized. In 2011, according to the new version of discipline groups issued by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, we successfully upgraded our Master Degree Conferring Station of urban planning and designing (including LA) from a second-order station to a first-order Master Degree Conferring Station of LA, and we were authorized to enroll postgraduate student since 2012. A brand-new discipline of LA was established.
There are 18 faculties and staffs in LA discipline, including 4 professors and 9 associate professors. 15 teachers have doctor’s degree or master’s degree. We have enrolled more than 100 postgraduate students in the past 5 years. Both energetic youth and experienced seniors from various academic backgrounds enthusiastically collaborate in our discipline. With both conscientious and aggressive efforts, we have made good achievements in academic researches and practice.
Advisors and their research interests are:
JIANG Weibing: Landscape planning and designing, physioecology of landscaping plants.
HAO Riming: ecological restoration and landscape planning, applications of landscaping plants.
FANG Weiming: landscaping plants resource, physioecology, cultivation and management of landscaping plants.
ZHANG Zong: History and theory of LA, LA aesthetics.
DING Shaogang: LA legacy conservation, Landscape planning and designing,
MA Jingyi: Landscape planning and designing
CHEN Yu: History and theory of LA, Landscape planning and designing,
We have carried out more than 50 programs from National Natural Science Foundation of China, regional governments, school foundation, companies and other clients, contributing a total financial income about 1,100,000 for our university. We have published more than 200 papers, tens of research treatise and textbooks.
Following with advances of modern LA and focusing on our advantages as a LA discipline in an agricultural university, we are especially competitive in following subjects:
(1)Landscape planning and designing: we are specialized in planning, designing and constructing agricultural & rural landscape, campus, open space, golf course, etc. We have built our fame on these subjects in the east China, even the whole country.
(2)Applications of landscape plants. We focus on the evaluation and preservation of landscape plant resources, breeding and utilizing new cultivates, physioecology, cultivation and management of landscaping plants. We have carried on a lot of national and provincial research programs and built a solid foundation for the industry of landscape plants.
(3)Earth landscape and ecological restoration: we have carried out a lot research programs on the theory and technology of constructing ecological urban environment. In student training, we emphasize on the practice ability with the guidance of theory. We are dedicated in bringing up experts for the LA industry.
(4)History and theory of LA. We are known as experts in the space, imago of Chinese classic gardens, ancient rural landscape, comparative studies of Chinese and foreign classical gardens.
(5)Landscape legacy conservation. We are especially interested in the evaluation and conservation of agricultural & rural landscape resources, the conservation and development of rural landscape legacy.