Department of Olericulture of national key disciplines

Date: 2014-07-07

Olericulture in Nanjing Agricultural University is a national key disciplines and "211" key construction disciplines. The subject has a long history and a strong foundation. Its predecessor was the former Central University and the University of Jinling department of horticulture, has trained a large number of internationally renowned horticulturist. The subject got Master authorization in 1982 and Doctor in 1986. The establishment of horticulture postdoctoral was approved in 1998. The doctorate level disciplines authorized for horticulture in 2000. Olericulture was rated national key disciplines in 2001, achieved a historic leap in the development process. It became an important part of "Crop Genetics and Germplasm" National Key Laboratory, also the main support disciplines of the national "211 Project" key construction disciplines group and "Horticultural Science and Applications". In 2008, the Ministry of Agriculture approved the establishment of the Southern vegetables Key Laboratory of Genetic Improvement. Based on this, established the Ministry of Agriculture Key Laboratory of Crop Biology, East China Garden and Germplasm. In 2009, Olericulture has been identified as a national key discipline foster construction point of Jiangsu province. Approved by the Ministry of Education, the project “the innovation and use of horticultural crops Germplasm Engineering Research Center” is building. In 2010, "modern horticultural science” led by Olericulture was selected as Advantage discipline construction project of Jiangsu college. Olericulture was also selected as the national "985" advantage of key construction disciplines platform. In recent years, from the national rankings of graduate education, Olericulture is the first national key discipline for many years.
To rely on the Olericulture, the discipline of horticulture undergraduate has passed the professional brand acceptance of Jiangsu Province. And become a national characteristic specialty construction and key professionals in Jiangsu Province. "Breeding Science in Horticulture" course has been named national and Jiangsu provinces courses, national quality resource sharing lessons. “Breeding Science in Horticulture (bilingual)" course has been identified as a national demonstration program of bilingual. Three textbooks were granted the Ministry of Education Higher quality materials, quality materials of teaching colleges and universities in Jiangsu province, China Agricultural Science and Education Fund outstanding teaching materials awards. Olericulture was rated the second phase "Blue Project" provincial excellent academic echelon of Talents Scheme in Jiangsu province. Olericulture was also won the "Workers Vanguard" title of education system of Jiangsu province. Horticultural teaching team was named Jiangsu province outstanding teaching team. "Cruciferous vegetable breeding" innovation team and "vegetable efficient cultivation" innovation team were selected modern agricultural industry Technology Innovation Team in Jiangsu province. Two professors were selected as scientists of the national staple vegetable industry technology system.
Since 2001, we has assumed 196 the provincial national and international cooperation, including more than 70 the national "973", "863", "National Natural Science Foundation of China" and other national projects. We also got 29 national invention patents. "Non-heading Chinese cabbage superior Germplasm Innovation and its application" won the second prize of State Technological Invention Award. "The development and application of key equipment and greenhouse organic matrix," won the National Science and Technology Progress Advancement Second Prize (second completed unit). Additional, we also got a number of provincial and ministerial awards. We have published 950 research papers in academic journals, which include 90 SCI papers in "PLoS Pathogen", "Plant Physiology", "Plant Journal", "Journal of Experimental Botany" and "BMC Plant Biology" etc...
Six domestic and foreign talents were introduced from elsewhere. Eleven teachers were selected to go abroad to study. The discipline has 11 professors, 15 associate professors, 7 lecturers, 10 doctoral tutors and 20 Master Instructors. All teachers have obtained their master's degrees, including 85% teachers with PhD degrees. After construction, the discipline has formed a team with backbone of a young academic as main body, excellent professional qualities, rich academic atmosphere, unity and cooperation, an international vision and innovation. Since 2001, a total of 110 PhD, 260 master, two doctor foreign students, three master foreign students and 8 outbound postdoctors were graduated. Meanwhile, using of the unique advantages of the discipline in terms of production applications, we created a 6 Technology Development Demonstration Center, built 10 specialty production and research base. We also built 150 acres jiangpu vegetable market gardening with a good foundation conditions, well-managed facilities.
All members of the disciplines are together, linking theory with practice, combination of scientific research and the promotion of development. In improving academic standards and status of discipline, training and innovative team of outstanding professionals, and promote scientific and technological progress and industrial development of our country and other vegetables, our members has made remarkable achievements. Cruciferous vegetable germplasm and breeding, and melon genetic resources innovation and applied research reached to the international advanced level. Soilless cultivation of horticulture and vegetable cultivation physiology research and applied research reached to the advanced level which has won three times the second prize of National Science and Technology Award.
In recent years, Olericulture has established stable cooperation and exchange relations with Chiba University in Japan, University of Wisconsin, Cornell University, Wageningen University, Egerton University, Kenya and the United States Syngenta, and the French Grand Lima Group. Through many ways such as project cooperation, exchange visitors, joint training of PhD students, we expand the visibility of discipline at home and abroad, improved the strength of interdisciplinary research and school level.
Olericulture involved in the implementation of “a well-off village projects helped by hundred science and education professor", which attaches great importance by the grassroots cadres and the masses. Also got highly regarded and a significant impact by Jiangsu provincial government, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Central Propaganda Department, China Association for Science in China. The discipline made a significant contribution in the “a well-off village projects helped by hundred science and education professor" project, and also won the only technological contribution Grand Prize in this activity. In 2011, in collaboration with Suqian government, we established the horticultural research institute of Nanjing Agricultural University (Suqian). The research institute made another major achievement of research cooperation, creating a new model among of the school cooperations.